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By: Jennifer Gervens
Posted on: Dec 21, 2017

Getting Your Home Ready for Overnight Guests

This blog post was provided by Sweet T Makes Three.

The holidays are coming up quickly which means family, fun times, and a whole lot of good food. Often it also means entertaining overnight guests. Whether you're hosting friends, siblings, or the in-laws, it's natural to want your home looking its best. Here are a few ways to prepare beyond the obvious tidying up.

Getting Your Home Ready For Guests 2

1. Wash linens

Other than obviously washing the sheets and pillowcases on the guest bed, make sure you wash the bedspread or comforter too as well as throw-pillow shams if possible. Provide a ready supply of clean towels and washcloths in the bathroom. If you have more than one guest, giving them different colored towels and washcloths is also a good idea to avoid confusion.

2. Air out extra pillows and blankets

Have an extra blanket or two at the end of the bed to make sure your guests stay toasty warm. Have some extra pillows ready too, in case they are used to thicker pillow. If your warmer blankets have been in storage for the season, be sure to wash them first or at least give them a good airing out before placing them in the guest room.

Getting Your Home Ready For Guests 3

3. Provide a place to unpack

No one likes living out of a suitcase, so freeing up some drawers and closet space will be greatly appreciated. This goes for the counter and under the sink in the bathroom too. My in-laws eat a special diet and always bring lots of food with them when they come for a visit so I always clean out the refrigerator and make a little room in there for them too.

4. Nightlights

You might sleepily stagger to and from the bathroom at night with no problems, but for guests not as familiar with your home it’s nice to provide a little guidance. Place a nightlight in the guest bathroom as well as the hallway and make one available in the guest room should they choose to use it.

5. Provide toiletries

You can easily stock up on the little travel size items, or start collecting sample bottles from hotels to be able to put out on the bathroom counter for your guests. They'll really appreciate this, especially if they're arriving by plane and need to pack light (or can’t bring as many liquids as they’d like).

Getting Your Home Ready For Guests 4

6. Take care of pet odors stains and shedding

Even though your guests aren’t allergic to your pets (chances are they’ll need to stay somewhere pet-free if they are) that doesn’t mean they’re used to living with them. Pet hair and odors that you may not even notice anymore can make guests feel uncomfortable. Vacuum up pet hair from furniture and shampoo your carpets to remove stains and old odors. Take Fido to the groomer and give your feline friend a good brushing. I personally wear cat hair like an accessory but provide guests with a lint roller during their stay.

A warm hug and an "I'm so glad you're here!" attitude for the duration of their stay will welcome guests more than a clean home ever can, but employ both and they may never want to leave! Congrats on being such a wonderful host.