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By: Maria Diefenbach
Posted on: Jun 2, 2019

Five Easy Ways to Conserve Water at Home

In developed nations, it’s easy to take fresh water for granted—showering at leisure, watering gardens straight from the hose and drinking fresh, filtered water any day or time. It’s no argument, water is vital to life on earth. But as global temperatures and the population continue to increase, the supply of fresh water continues to decrease—making conservation efforts more important than ever. And you can help. Try integrating these easy-to-take, water-saving steps into your family’s everyday decisions.

  1. 1. Get in. Get out: Aim to shower a little faster (and don’t leave the water running while you wait to get in) and you can conserve water an average of two gallons of water per minute. If you’re up for a challenge, turn the water off altogether while you lather up—then, turn it back on to rinse. Turning off the water while you shave can save 10 gallons every shower. If you shave five times a week, you can save nearly 5,700 gallons per year.
  1. 2. Turn off the tap: Don’t let faucets run aimlessly. Turn off the water while you brush your teeth, wash the dishes or your hands, and you can save hundreds of gallons every month. To put it in perspective, letting your faucet run for five minutes while washing dishes can waste 10 gallons of water and uses enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for 18 hours.
  1. 3. Do less laundry: Sounds too good to be true, right? Standard washing machines use between 30 – 40 gallons of water for a single load of laundry. Only wash full loads and do less laundry altogether with the help of technologies like Scentry Revive and conserve water. A patent-pending technology by Microban, Scentry Revive neutralizes odors in clothing—and cuts the number of launderings for a typical garment from 50x per year to just 10x per year, saving 26 gallons each year and preventing plastic pollution from building up in our oceans. A win/win in more ways than one.
  1. 4. Use every last drop: Learn to recycle water. Capture and reuse pasta water, or the water you use to rinse your fruits and veggies, and give your plants a drink. If the average sized lawn in the United States is watered for 20 minutes every day for seven days, it’s like running the shower constantly for four days or taking more than 800 showers. That's equivalent to the amount of water needed for the average family to take one year's worth of showers.
  1. 5. Ditch the sprinklers: Using a hose to water your lawn saves about 33 percent of water compared to an automatic irrigation system. Try the old school method, and water by hand. If that task doesn’t fit into your daily schedule, when hiring a professional to install or audit your landscape irrigation system, be sure they are certified by a WaterSense labeled irrigation program. A well-managed household's irrigation system can reduce water waste by 15 percent, or save nearly 7,600 gallons of water, annually.

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