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By: Alison Jacobson, The Safety Mom
Posted on: Jun 20, 2019

5 DIY Home Projects - Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Home

Whenever I sit down for a few minutes I look around my house and see a million changes I’d like to make. Usually nothing comes of it because either it’s too expensive or too overwhelming. And, I’m not crafty. Really. Walking into a craft store makes me break out into a cold sweat.

Fortunately, I have one of those friends who whips out DIY home projects in between fixing dinner and helping her kids with homework. She makes it sound so easy. So, I asked her for some super simple DIY projects that anyone can do.

Design a backsplash

If you feel like your kitchen or bathroom needs an update new cabinets and countertops can be pricey but changing the backsplash can dramatically improve the look. If you’re like me, however, the thought of grouting and tiling is overwhelming. Instead use stick-on tiles or stickers for tiles that are waterproof and anti-mold. They’re affordable and easy!

Make your flat screen TV a piece of art

If your flat screen TV is just hanging out there on a wall it probably isn’t very attractive. An easy way to not only make it look more finished but hide the cords is to create a frame for it. All it takes is some wood, wood glue and a drill. If you have a chop saw or miter box to cut the wood that’s great but otherwise you can take it to your local lumber store and they’ll cut it for you.

Update your staircase

If you still have old, dated carpet on your stairs there are a variety of ways to give it a fresh, modern look. The most difficult part is pulling up the carpet which requires patience, strength and a flat head screwdriver to pull up the staples. Once that’s done fill the holes with wood filler and sand the entire staircase. You can then decide upon the look of the tread and the risers. A clean look is to have the treads wood stained and paint the risers white. You can even add decals or a stencil on the risers.

Change the color of chair cushions

If your kitchen or dining room chairs are starting to look a little dingy it’s easy to brighten them up with fabric spray. It takes several coats, but the fabric will stay soft. Just be sure to use a color darker than the original color.

Create an accent wall

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve lived in my home for three years and there are still a bunch of empty walls. Instead of agonizing over what sort of art work would look appropriate you can create a textured, accent wall. Depending upon your décor it can appear like leather, metal or any other style. While you’re at it you can even stencil on an inspirational quote or even a design.

All these DIY home projects are not only easy but affordable too. Simple changes like this however, will go a long way in adding a flair to your home.

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