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Free Download: Weekly Calendar


That’s why we created a weekly calendar with practical tips to a healthier, cleaner and more organized lifestyle. It includes three easy to-dos every week to help you achieve your goals.

The Complete Guide to Cleaning Every Type of Pet Stain


For a lot of people, pets aren’t just animals, they’re a part of the family. They love you, they’re always excited to see you and they don’t talk back, but that doesn’t mean every pet is perfect. Not only do they not help out with family chores, sometimes, they can be the biggest culprits to everyday messes.

cleaner home design

“Cleaner” Design For Your Home


Ready to upgrade to a cleaner home? Consider starting with these four rooms in your house—they’ll make the biggest impact, the fastest.

running core workouts

The Perfect Post-Run Core Workout


The run might be over, but the workout isn’t! These core exercises from three-time Olympic Trials marathoner, Becki Spellman, can help strengthen muscles that fight fatigue later.

cool down playlist

Cool Down Playlist


You did it! You got motivated and crushed that workout, and now your heart rate is up, endorphins are pumping and you’re feelin’ good. The hard part is over—but don’t forget the cooldown. Believe it or not, you can avoid the next day soreness and stiffness by incorporating a five-minute cooldown or stretch at the end of your workout routine.

Potty Training - Don't Worry About When

Potty-training Boys: Don’t Worry About When


Although many potty-training tips apply to boys and girls alike, potty-training boys does pose some unique challenges. If you’re stressing over when to start or whether or not he’s ready, we’ve got some helpful signs to look out for—and in the meanwhile, some simple upgrades to the children’s bathroom that will help it stay cleaner and odor-free for when the trial-and-error begins.

Post Run Beer

Cheers to Post-Run Beer


Maybe you just crushed a challenging marathon or set a new time record. Either way, you’ve earned a beer! And the carbs, electrolytes and vitamin B12 in a lager or pale ale aren’t just refreshing—they’re great for refueling.

Target Game Toilet image

FREE Download: Target Practice Game


Try this fun game to help your little man aim. Simply download and cut out the targets, and toss them in the toilet!

Little Remodel Details that Pay Off Big


Before you go tearing up that outdated kitchen and busting through your budget, take heart: just a few (more affordable) strategic upgrades could work just as hard for your home’s resell value as a full remodel. We’ve outlined a few key details that, combined, will make for a beautiful, durable facelift with added benefits for prospective homebuyers.

DIY Pro Secrets Shopping list

 Pro Secrets: Shopping List


Just a few key details with the right products can make any job easier, longer-lasting and attractive to potential buyers. So when you’re planning your next project, use this cheat sheet to stretch your budget and make your hard work go further—without sacrificing quality or beauty.

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