Keeping your rubber stamps clean can help them last longer. Also, if your stamps are clean, they will not contaminate ink pads with different colored inks. Unclean stamps gather dust and dirt, and dried inks can start to clog up parts of a rubber stamp resulting in unclear images.

Simple Solution

To preserve the longevity of your rubber stamps it is important to keep them clean. The simplest way to clean your rubber stamps is to fill a bowl with warm, soapy water using a mild soap. Dip the stamp into the bowl to dampen the rubber portion. Use a cleaning cloth to wipe the ink off or scrub with an old toothbrush. Repeat until the ink has come off. Do not soak wooden stamps as this may damage them.


Best Solution

The best solution to keeping rubber stamps clean is to purchase them with built-in antimicrobial product protection. This protective technology works continuously to create an inhospitable environment, helping prevent the growth of harmful microbes . Antimicrobial technology is durable, effective and since it is built-in during manufacturing, it will not wash off or wear away.

Microban® Protection


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Cosco Industries

Cosco was founded in 1893 and evolved to become a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of Stamps, Signs, Knives and Stationery products for the home and office markets. Through our continued product development efforts and first class customer care, we are here to provide you with the best products possible. Throughout our history, the success and reputation of Cosco has been defined by our commitment to superior product quality. This commitment shows in all of our product lines.

Cosco was acquired by Taylor Corporation in 2006. Taylor is one of the largest privately held companies in the United States. Its family of companies create powerful and intuitive products, provide unique services, and offer the strategic thinking needed to develop incredible interactive, printing, and marketing solutions. Taylor empowers businesses to build memorable brands and operate effectively and efficiently.

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