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A Different Kind of Flooring

Foam sports mats and flooring are a must for anyone that participates in activities such as gymnastics, wrestling or martial arts. The soft surface allows the body to be cushioned from the impact as well as a rough surface. You’ll also find these, at times, within laundry and utility rooms. Warm, moist environments that may cause equipment to get wet provide favorable conditions for stain-causing bacteria. Muddy, damp equipment quickly becomes stinky equipment.

Simple Solution

Foam flooring should be swept frequently with a broom to keep dirt and debris from making a home within the crevices of the product. Since most foam floors have very tight seams, you can mop them for a more thorough clean from time to time or as spills occur. Just be sure to wring out your mop as much as possible to avoid puddles of liquid that could still sneak into those seams. Wipe the floors with a dry cloth when finished mopping.


Best Solution

While disinfectant chemicals like bleach and peroxide will disinfect your foam floor, they may discolor or degrade the foam. One good option is using flooring infused with amounts of zinc. Zinc Pyrithione, the active ingredient in zinc technology, is commonly and effectively used in items such as dandruff shampoo and footwear. Foam flooring with zinc antimicrobial technology works for you around the clock, helping to keep your flooring cleaner for the life of the product.

Microban® Protection


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Venture Products

Established in 2004, Venture Products, LLC manufactures and markets an extensive line of mats and flooring products, including fitness mats and flooring (ideal for all types of floor exercises or with various types of equipment), anti-fatigue flooring (perfect for home workshops and garages), comfort flooring (for use throughout your home), camp pads and campsite flooring (great for the casual and avid hiker/camper) and children’s play mats, along with a range of peripheral products. Venture Products,LLC has incorporated Microban® antimicrobial protection into a wide range of its products. The majority of Venture’s offerings feature Microban’s ® zinc-based technology that’s infused during the manufacturing process, thus inhibiting the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, mold, and mildew for the life of the product.

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