For stability, comfort and reducing impact, the sports bra is a must for any woman who embraces her fitness and wellbeing. It can sometimes feel like, no matter how often you wash it, the smell will never come out.  Washing gym clothes may be a little different than washing your other clothes, but the time is worth your while when you don’t have to smell like a locker room anymore.

Simple Solution

Here are 10 simple tips from Bustle on how to get the stink out of your sports bras
1. Avoid fabric softener. Fabric softner can create a barrier that can lock in the stink. It can also break down the stretchy material in your sports bra, ruining the way it fits.
2. Use a detergent made specifically for sports apparel. Regular laundry detergent can build up on your sports bra, leading to more stink and bacteria.
3. Don't leave your workout clothes in a pile on the floor. If your sweaty clothes stay in a pile or sit in a hamper, the bacteria grows and the smell lingers and gets worse. If you have no time to wash them, at least hang them up or lay them on a drying rack.
4. Try to wash them immediately. When they're that sweaty, they need to be taken care of quickly.
5. Stick them in the freezer. The icy cold air will destroy odors.
6. Soak them in white vinegar before washing. Before you wash your gym clothes, soak them in the sink or a clean tub with one cup of white vinegar and some cold water. Leave them there for about 15 to 30 minutes, then clean in the washing machine.
7. Add baking soda to the wash. Baking soda is naturally deodorizing, and in most cases will rid clothing of its malodors. Place your sports bra in the washing machine and add half a cup of baking soda to the wash.
8. Add some lemon juice. Squeeze the juice out of one large lemon into the washing machine. The citric acid breaks down the oils in the materials, leaving them bacteria and funky scent free.
9. Hang them outside to dry. Sun and fresh air is the best natural way to get rid of odors. After you wash your sports bra, dry it outside and let the sun do it's work of getting rid of smells.
10. Don't sit around in your sweaty sports bra after working out. Wearing your sweaty sports bra harbors bacteria, making it more sweaty, and leaving you at risk for infections.


Best Solution

When we workout, we sweat. It’s essential to help us perform under stressful conditions such as a hard workout. Unfortunately sweat creates an ideal environment for bacteria that causes you and your sports bra to smell. Fortunately you no longer have to deal with the stress and embarrassment that comes with stinking while working out. Now you can add built-in odor control or antimicrobial technology into your sports bra and eliminate odors before they start.

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