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Mops may have a negative image, but there’s no denying that there are some floor messes that dusting and sweeping just can’t touch. And the problem isn’t mopping in general, but rather the cleanliness of the mop head. If you aren’t cleaning your mop enough, research shows your floors may contain more germs after mopping than they did before! Luckily, cleaning a mop is easier than you’d think. Here are some tips.

Simple Solution

Many mop heads are easily detached from their handles, and several can be machine washed after every use for an easy fix. If your mop requires washing by hand, you can simply run a recently used mop under hot water, wringing it out until the water runs clear. Next, fill your sink with hot water and dish soap. If the sponge material isn’t harmed by chlorine, add a cup of bleach to the mixture as well. Let the mop soak overnight, then rinse well in the morning and lay spread out to dry completely.


Best Solution

One of the best ways to reduce bacteria and provide protection between cleanings is to use an antimicrobial-infused mop. It won’t replace the need to clean your mop, but it does give you the peace of mind that bacteria and germs aren’t going to get out of control before the next cleaning.

Microban® Protection



For over 150 years, Bentley Brushware has helped to keep Britain’s homes spick and span with a range of classic brooms, brushes, mops and floor-care products.

Today Bentley has not only expanded into new markets overseas but has expanded its range too. With new product development at Bentley’s core the aim is to produce quality products with a point of difference that enhance usability and effectively complete the cleaning task at hand.

The launch of the ‘Green + Clean’ range with Microban® antibacterial protection is effectively Bentley’s first major foray into the retail market with a prominent branded offering. The range consists of over a dozen cleaning products including abrasive kitchen cloths, sponge scourers, a spray and go mop, dish brushes, a toilet brush and more.

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