Tips to Keep Your Home Clean During Winter


The temperature is falling, which can only mean one thing – winter is taking hold! With the change in the weather, there are numerous ways in which your house can get dirty. So what can you do prevent cleaning day-in and day-out during those winter months?

Stop dirt before it gets in

If you can limit the amount of dirt coming into your house then there is a good chance you can minimize the clean-up operation! Guests can often arrive at the front door with wet clothes and muddy shoes, so be sure to have a shoe mat at the front door and a shoe rack in the hall to collect dirty shoes. Pet paws are another source of dirt, so keep a towel by the door to give your pet a quick rubdown before letting them in.

Protect with a throw

Place a rug or throw in high traffic areas throughout the house, even if it’s over another carpet! You will prevent carpets and sofas wearing and these are far easier to shake outside than getting the vacuum out every time you have a mess to deal with.

Clean the gutters and drains

Leaves and dirt can block your gutter and drains quite easily, and if they become too clogged, you might experience wall or roof leaks! It requires some hard work but cleaning your gutter and drains ready for all of that winter debris could save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

Keep on top of your fridge

The fridge is a focal point in any household when the weather plummets! A constant source of food, snacks and drinks, keep on top of sticky fingerprints and spills with antibacterial wipes. They are quick and easy, and remove germs and stains within a matter of seconds. Much faster than wipes and spray – when you’re done, simply throw the wipe in the bin.

Give your windows a good clean to savor sunlight

Savor every moment of sunlight during the winter months! By cleaning your windows, both inside and out, you can ensure that all of that potential daylight can shine through and brighten up your winter.

Vacuum the bottom of furniture and dust the top of doors and trims

If you’re going to be stuck indoors, make it as pleasant as possible for yourself. Take the time to turn furniture upside down and get rid of all of those dust bunnies, as well as cleaning down the top of doors and trims.

Keep cleaning products handy

As we seek warmth, TV dinners can become routine. If you need to save your carpet or sofa from unexpected spills, then having a cleaner on hand to spray on immediately will help remove as much of the stain as possible before it dries in. Be sure to read the label carefully before using the product on a fabric surface.

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