Declutter Your Home: Throw away these useless items


Living with less isn’t about the number of things you get rid of – it’s about living with enough to be content and getting rid of the rest.  The rest is just clutter, unnecessary, energy-draining clutter.

Somehow certain useless items make their way into every home. Whether it is a stash of dried up old marker pens or a cupboard full of chipped mugs, here’s ten useless items that you CAN live without!

1. Old product boxes

Once a product leaves its box there is rarely a time when it will find itself back in the box again, so don’t be afraid the ditch the stash of ugly boxes gathering dust in your attic.

2. Make-up

Who doesn’t own an eye pencil that’s too small to sharpen, a glamorous eye shadow that is better suited to a Halloween party and a lumpy mascara wand that is probably the reason for your recent eye infection!

3. Magazines

Put down a magazine and never picked it up again? Rip out your favorite cutting and make a scrapbook, then get rid of the mass of papers hoarding your living area.

4. Tins of paint

Too many of us find it tricky to part with leftover paint if the stacks of leftover cans filling our basements are anything to go by. If you have half-filled cans of dried up paint that has succumbed to the elements, chances are your community will offer a recycling scheme for you dispose of your old cans safely.

5. Paperwork over 7 years old

Be it bills, taxes or bank statements, everything you need to organize your finances is online these days, so do yourself a favor and burn or shred any old paperwork that is more than 7 years old.

6. Socks with holes

Declutter the sock drawer and you’ll be left with more space than you know what to do with. Say goodbye to socks with holes or without a mate, and make way for those inevitable shiny new Thanksgiving pairs!

7. Unloved toys

When it comes to toys, if it hasn’t been touched in years and doesn’t have any sentimental value, let other children enjoy them by dropping them off at your local charity store.

8. Out of date food

The misconception that a jar in the refrigerator is a common one. You know the culprits – jam, chutney, tartare sauce! Most have a three-month lifespan, so it certainly doesn’t hurt to check the sell-by dates on your store cupboard essentials and the contents of your refrigerator every once in a while. Gone of food is no use to anyone!

9. Clothes that are more than two sizes too small

We all have that ‘it’ll fit me one day’ outfit in our wardrobe. Why not opt to treat yourself when you reach your weight goals, rather than hang on to items that probably won’t see the light of day again?

10. Take out menus you’ll never use

Drawers overflowing with takeout menus from every take away outlet in the area, isn’t a good look! Hang on to your top three favorite take outs and bin the rest. They’ll have probably relocated by the time you come to order from them again.

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