Gifts For Clean Freaks

11 Gifts Perfect For Clean Freaks This Christmas


Nothing gets a clean freak happier than a gift that makes their home sparkle, so celebrate those little quirks this Christmas and send the dirt-obsessed person in your life to seventh heaven!

3 Household Gadgets That Need A Good Clean


In this week’s blog, we’ll identify three household gadgets that need to be cleaned more often than perhaps they currently are, and offer our advice on how to clean them properly.

The Most Germy Places In Your Kitchen


Is your kitchen making you sick? Maybe so, if you’re like the average household: According to independent public health organization NSF International, the kitchen is the most bacteria-laden room in the house. More than 75% of households in NSF’s study harbored coliform bacteria – which includes Salmonella and Escherchia coli and reflects potential fecal contamination – on kitchen items including 75% of sponges, 45% of sinks, 32% of countertops and 18% of cutting boards tested.

Rethink The 5-Second Rule


Do you believe in the “five-second rule” – the urban legend that you can safely eat food dropped on the floor, so long you pick it up within five seconds? Researchers are still debating the idea, but the consensus seems to be that bacteria will immediately transfer from the floor to your food, but probably not enough to make you sick on dry foods like cookies or chips. On moist food, like buttery toast or a piece of chicken, you probably want to just throw it out

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