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7 Need-To-Know Cleaning Tips For The Hot Summer Months


When you think of summer, you might imagine yourself relaxing on freshly cut grass, closing your eyes as the sun warms your skin. While the summer has it’s many perks, when it comes to keeping a clean home, it presents us with a whole host of new challenges and tricky cleaning tasks. From removing grass stains from the kids clothing, to minimizing the unpleasant mold and fungi that can quickly appear in our bathrooms due to the extra heat, we have seven must-know cleaning tips for the hot summer months ahead. See them below:

7 Things At Home That You Really Need To Clean Now!


Let’s face it, some things at home take priority when it comes to cleaning. We’ll make sure that the toilet bowl is gleaming, the carpets are vacuumed and that the kitchen surfaces are free from food spillages, but what about those household items that go unnoticed, and uncleaned? In this week’s infographic, we have seven things at home that you really need to clean now!

8 Ways To Cheat When Cleaning


We've created an infographic which has 8 clever ways you can cheat when cleaning. From removing tough oven grime to making your porcelain shine, take a look at our cheat tips below:

7 Top Tips For Green Cleaning At Home


If you’d like to know how to use natural, homemade solutions to tackle grime, make your surfaces sparkle and eliminate household odors, then just take a look at our infographic and follow our top green cleaning tips!

The 7 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge


Our 7 day challenge will help you to complete your entire spring clean in just one week! Follow these simple tips and take on the spring cleaning challenge today.

Wallpaper and Paint: How to Tackle Dirty Interior Walls


Whether children have left crayon marks and smudges from little fingers or time has just taken its toll, all walls get dirty. However, all walls are not created equal. Read on to learn about cleaning interior walls.

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