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Cleaning Blinds Made Easy!


Guest blogger Jenn from Sweet T Makes Three tells us how to easily clean our blinds in only 2 steps!

7 Must-Know Carpet Cleaning Tips


In this week’s infographic, we’ve put together a list of seven must-know carpet tips that will prepare you for even the trickiest of stains and spillages.

6 Ways That Salt Can Be Used As A Powerful Cleaning Solution


Did you know that salt has countless uses around the home besides improving a home cooked meal? In fact, there are many cleaning advantages to salt which could help to make the housework a lot more manageable.

This week's blog looks at six ways that salt can be used as a powerful cleaning solution, tackling everything from pots and pans to general spillages and stains.

How To Safely Clean Your Walls


Cleaning walls doesn't have to be a nightmare. This week's guest blogger, Jenn from Sweet T Makes Three shows us how to safely clean our walls!

10 Simple Ways To Make Cleaning Your Home Less Stressful In 2016


If just the thought of having to clean makes you feel tired, then we have some well-needed advice for you! We've compiled a list of ten ways to make cleaning your home less stressful in 2016 and created a handy graphic to showcase them.

Tips For A Fresh and Clean Home In The New Year


As we head into the New Year, many of us will be thinking about how we can reorganize and tidy our homes, so that they are ready for 2016. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of handy tips that will help you to freshen up and keep your home clean at the start of this New Year.

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