Gifts For Clean Freaks

11 Gifts Perfect For Clean Freaks This Christmas


Nothing gets a clean freak happier than a gift that makes their home sparkle, so celebrate those little quirks this Christmas and send the dirt-obsessed person in your life to seventh heaven!

1. iRobot Roomba 960


The perfect companion for those who have too much to do, and not enough time to do it. Give them an extra pair of hands with an iRobot, who’ll set to work vacuuming any floor, whenever it’s told! – View Gift

2. ‘The Spotless Home’ Book


‘A Spotless Home’ shines the spotlight on everything from flawless floors to gleaming windows, as well as stubborn stains, pesky invasions and the dreaded signs of mildew. Whether you are buying for a desperate housewife or a domestic goddess, this nifty book is the ultimate ‘go-to’ guide – View Gift

3. Slipper Genie


For the ultimate multi-tasker – slip ‘em on and clean while you walk. One size fits all – View Gift

4. Spoon rests


Dirty countertops can stress out the most laid-back chef. Give them an easy way to keep them clean with these colorful silicone spoon rests. They twist onto wooden spoon handles to allow them to lie straight without touching the surface – View Gift

5. Instant soap dispenser


This nifty dispenser allows you immediate access to the right amount of detergent -whether it’s for a quick rinse or battling a tough stain, help is at your fingertips! – View Gift

6. Grocery bag holder


Stow away and dispense grocery bags in style with this fingerprint-proof brushed stainless steel grocery bag holder that mounts on walls, under a shelf or inside a cabinet. A practical essential for any (plastic) bag lover! – View Gift

7. Electronic cleaning brush


From keyboards to camera lenses, this electronic cleaning brush is the perfect gadget for those hard to clean nooks and crannies. It features two tips – one to brush away crumbs and dirt and the other to reach into crevices and grab whatever lurks beneath – View Gift

8. Smartphone sanitizer


Smartphones are a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. The easy-to-use smartphone sanitiz-er zaps germs automatically. Place the phone inside and UV light does the rest. Built-in acoustic amplifiers even allows you to continue listening to music while your phone is getting the spa treatment – View Gift

9. Housekeeping box


This English Heritage cleaning caddy is a delightful addition to any traditional or contemporary home. Nice enough to be left on show, you can also add a personal touch with your name of choice printed on the side – View Gift

10. Make up sink mat


This ingenious tool helps cleans makeup brushes without leaving a mark on the sink. An ingenious invention sure to be appreciated by any clean conscious glamour puss! – View Gift

11. Crystal coasters


Add a touch of class to a coffee table, whilst keeping stains at bay with these classy crystal coast-ers. Practical and pretty! – View Gift

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